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Pump Noise Alternatives
« on: August 26, 2003, 07:43:45 PM »
I have a loud industrial hot water heater pump outside a second story room.  It pumps cold water into the heater.  Hot water comes out, into the ground for three feet then up the wall and under the room floor.  The hot water pipe vibrates, but is wrapped in foam. Is it reasonable to assume that the pump noise in the room is primarily coming through the air and/or the concrete pad and not the pipes?    The pump is isolated in and out with three inch rubber hoses in the pipes.  I can feel the window and wall of the room vibrate.  The noise is louder in the room than standing next to the pump.  Is a sound box over the pump the next logical step or sound I focus on the vibrating pipes?  Is a vibration pad under the pump important if the pump is resting on a concrete pad?  I cannot feel vibration in the concrete pad.


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Re: Pump Noise Alternatives
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This is s difficult problem indeed. The sound and vibration need to be isolated. Your ears are you best sound meter. Get down by the pump and see if you can find the source of the noise that is invading your room. Feel for vibration paths leading up to your second story room. Chances are the the foam on the pipes is for insulation purposes only, and provides no soundproofing or vibration dampning.
We have a great product for pipes called closed cell foam mat. It comes in rolls that are 4' in width, but you would only purchase enough to wrap around the pipes. Basically you would buy enough foam so you could cut it into strips wide enough and long enough to completely cover the circumference of the pipe. I would suggest doubling up on the foam where there are bends and elbows in the piping. These are usualy the culprits when noise and vibration are the issues.
A set of 4 X 4" or 6" vibration pads under the feet of the pump would work wonders for quelling the noise and vibration.
Jack, as a general rule, concrete is a very good soundproofer, however, if sound and vibration are transmitted directly into the concrete slab, the concrete will have a tendency to transmit the noise and vibration throughout the slab, and into the wall of the building if the 2 are connected. The vibration pads could very likely be the solution to your problem. I have come to this conclusion due to the fact that the pump is actually louder in your room than it is when you are standing right next to it. These are proven soundproofing and vibration dampening methods and they do work, but every sound situation is different, and sometimes more drastic action is needed to quell the noise, let's hope that is not the case with this pump.
Jack, I hope you are a little more enlightened now. Thanks for the post, I think it will help a lot of folks out there who are wrestling with these same issues.

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Re: Pump Noise Alternatives
« Reply #2 on: May 07, 2004, 03:13:03 PM »
I just installed a 1/3 horsepower "Chillipepper" water recirc pump...pump is gear driven and very noisy...unit does exactly as advertised.  Which of the products sold on this site will work to at least reduce the noise/vibration?
Thanks in advance.