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Andrej Barbic

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street traffic heard in rented apartment
« on: September 07, 2003, 05:07:16 PM »

I just moved onto an apartment on the 4th floor. It has 3 windows in the living room facing the street and one in the bedroom. The living room has hardwood floors and the bedrom is carpeted. Despite being quite high up, I hear a lot of traffic (honking, trucks idling) noise from the street in both rooms. I cannot do modifications to the walls or windows becasue I'm only renting the place. What can I do to reduce noise? It's really only coming from the side of the apartment facing the street.

Thanks, Andrej


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Re: street traffic heard in rented apartment
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What you are essentially  hearing on the 4th floor is what is referred to as the "Canyon effect". That means the sounds are reflecting off of the adjacent apartment buildings and reaching your apartment that way.
 I suggest the use of acoustical curtains hung in front of the livingroom and the bedroom windows. These are heavy duty curtains (as well as economical) used mostly in theater applications. They are pleated at the top and already have the hooks for a traverse 15year guarantee curtain rod (from  @ Home Depot or Lowe's).
Andrej, once you have hung these curtains it is a good idea to adhere the edges of the curtains to the wall, using Velcro or double stick tape. This keeps the noise from being able to find it's way around the curtain and into your apartment. The curtains are very effective and should work fine in your application. Thanks for the post Andrej .

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