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Georgina Smith

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« on: September 13, 2003, 04:14:29 PM »
 ::) I am interested in purchasing your super soundproofing headphones ($79.95 - 09-00001) however before doing so could you advise me if this item will alleviate the noise being caused by the son of my nextdoor neighbour, using his music system, or will it only reduce the noise? I am looking for something to completely cut out ALL noise. Regards


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Re: Headphones
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The headsets will get the music levels to tolerable levels. That in itself should be a relief. There is no such thing as perfect soundproofing, so we work to get noises and sounds down to where they are tolerable.
These headsets will do that, and they are the only product that carry a 100% money back guarantee (minus shipping of course), as they are not always right for everyone.
Georgina, I would give them a shot, and if they work for you, then great, but if not, just send'm back for a full refund.  It's that simple! Thanks for your post.

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