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Edward Warshauer

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How to complete drum room?
« on: September 15, 2003, 03:07:54 PM »
Hi, I have been working on building a drum practice room in my cellar and recently found your site. Hopefully, what I’ve built so far is going to work out okay and I can at least now get some informed comments to complete my project. I wish I knew about this site before I began this.

My room is built on the concrete cellar floor  on a 2x6 plate with studs staggered every 16 inches( between inner and outer) on the plate.

I already have two layers of 1/2 inch wallboard up all around the outer perimeter of the room attached to the studs with sheetrock screws. In an effort to keep the drum room physically separated from the house I built the room completely freestanding and built to just below the floor joists above so the ceiling will be less then 7 ft high when finished. So,I have 2x4’s fastened on top of the header running across the room every 16 inches. I thought that I could then screw the ceiling right up to the 2x4’s. Although, at this point I’m not sure what materials to use for the ceiling and fear that it will be the weakest point for sound leakage.

As far as the door goes my brother-in-law is a cabinet maker and will make me whatever I need. Its the last thing that I really to think about right now.

So my questions at this point:

What to use for insulation in the walls and should I use a layer on the outer and inner sides of the partitions with an air space in between?

What material (sheetrock?) and how many layers  to finish the interior of the room with?

Suggestions for finishing ceiling( materials,etc.)?

Should I  insulate  between floor joists above to reduce sound transmission even though the drum room does not physically make contact with the house except through cement floor? The house sits on a granite foundation.  

I hope the above presents a coherent picture of what I’ve done so far.




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Re: How to complete drum room?
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2003, 08:34:12 PM »

It looks like you 're on the right track so far. Now, if the ceiling is your main concern, and it should be, I would consider putting up a layer of the mass loaded vinyl (MLV) between 2 layers of 5/8" fire code drywall. You will caulk all of the seams and around the perimeter of the MLV prior to putting up the final layer of drywall. I would steer clear of the normal fiberglass insulation as it has a tendency to transmit sound.
 Ed, this MLV does indeed work and it works well, if it didn't, we would not have been in business for over 25 years selling products like it and other great soundproofing agents. This is a truly amazing and simple application that adds a minimum of 26 STC points to any wall or ceiling system.
 If you get the chance click onto the link below and read this little soundproofing scenario. I think you be become most enlightened about how to effectively soundproof. Thanks for the post Ed.

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