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Casey Wingfield

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I can hear them urinate!  Help!
« on: September 18, 2003, 09:53:06 PM »

I live in an apartment in San Francisco where they have split what was once a full floor apartment.  Where they placed the break now seperates our bedroom with the neighbors bathroom.  Two boys moved in.  Now when I lay in my bed at night, I can hear them urinate among other things.  You can imagine how disturbing this is.  We have spoken with the landlord and he is barely willing to spend $400 to fill the wall with cellulose.  Other foam and insulation products are too costly.  Since it's an apartment, we don't want to spend much money on this.  The wall is plaster and lath with curved ceilings and we don't want to lose the Edwardian characters (that are left).  What should we do?  Is blowing foam into the wall going to help?



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Re: I can hear them urinate!  Help!
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Don't waste your time and money having blown in cellulose injected into your walls, in short, it does NOT work. You'll want  to use a material called Mass Loaded Vinyl, (MLV) instead, which would glue directly  to the plaster walls with a contact cement,. You would caulk and tape the seams of the vinyl, and then you have the choice of drywalling over top of the vinyl, or simply re plastering over  the vinyl.
If aesthetics are important, I would opt for the re plaster job. It's that simple Casey.  As the Boss tells me daily, "Bob, it's not Rocket Science"!
I hope this is the answer you were looking for Casey, I am sure a bathroom wall can be done for much less than $400. If you have further questions, please give me a call or repost to this forum, and I should be able to respond in a timely manner (not always the case however).

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