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suggestions for semi-soundproofing
« on: September 22, 2003, 11:36:38 PM »

Thanks for answering my first question.  You have been very helpful.

We have band practice in a 3 car garage with 2 folding doors.  Our neighbor has asked if we might take measures to decrease the dB level output.  They are willing to put up with some noise.  They were satisfied when we practiced in a room inside the house.  I went outside to listen, and the sound was more like if I were underwater listening.  

We don't have the immediate resources to build a room within a room, so I was wondering if there are measures besides turning the volume way way down, or materials to use to at least decrease the DB level somewhat.

I have read that mattresses don't work.  I thought I read somewhere about some kind of vinyl that was relatively easy to mount onto walls/doors that help a little.  

Please, any suggestions would be great.  Thanks so much.  I look forward to hearing your suggestions.


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Re: suggestions for semi-soundproofing
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You read right!! There is a very good vinyl called mass loaded vinyl or (MLV) for short. This is a 1/8" thick vinyl material that is designed specifically for soundproofing. It weighs about 1 Lb per sq ft. and was created to emulate lead sheeting.
The (MLV) will be stapled to the garage studs, or to the drywall if the garage is so clothed. You'd staple up the MLV and if it is atop of the drywall you'll caulk the seams and around the entire perimeter, and finally layer over, or sandwich in the vinyl with another layer of drywall (preferrably 5/8" fircode rock).
 Now if the extra layer of drywall is not in the budget, then you can actually staple the vinyl directly to the open studs, or joists (if you're doing the ceiling) you'll tape the seams with a seam tape and finally drywall over the vinyl with your final layer of 5/8" fire code drywall.
Lastly A.H. in a garage studio or  practice room situation, the bigest problems are generally windows and garage doors. That is why we always recommend the room within a room concept in a garage or basement application. When you do the R-W-R all of the factors that were working against you are now your friend in the guise of dead air, which works very well in the soundproofing game.
A.H. if you have any further questions, please either call me, or re-post and I will answer your questions. Thanks for your post.

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