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Author Topic: Inserting Plexiglass to Inside of Original Windows  (Read 9674 times)

Mandi Meidlinger

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Inserting Plexiglass to Inside of Original Windows
« on: September 23, 2003, 03:02:16 PM »

I would like to try an inexpensive solution to my sound problem stemming from traffic noise through my current windows.  I would like light to shine through and am not concerned about opening the windows that face the street, and so am looking at installing a sheet of window grade plexiglass on the inside of the window.  

- Should I use 2 sheets of plexiglass or is 1 sufficient?  
- Could I run a strip of neoprene along the inside frame, cut the plexiglass to exact measurements, and then put the plexiglass into the window so that is fits snugly inside the frame, against the neoprene?  
- Should I also caulk, or do something else?
- What's the optimal airspace to keep between my current window and the new plexiglass?
- What STC rating does window grade plexiglass have?

Thank you so much for your time!


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Re: Inserting Plexiglass to Inside of Original Win
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2003, 05:36:03 PM »


If you are able to locate the window grade plexiglass, you could actually cut it to fit the window frame, and simply caulk in your new plexiglass window panel. Leave as much dead air as possible between the window insert and the original paned window. This is key to getting  good soundproofing from a single paned window .  You could also use neoprene or a weather stripping material to seal the insert, but if it is not going to be removed on a daily or weekly basis, I'd really consider just caulking it in place.
 Mandi, if the window is a regular size window and you are serious about soundproofing it, you might want to call Matt Petit @ Petit Industries. They are the manufacturers of the Magnet Seal window insert, and Matt may be able to help you with your home made insert or you may be able to purchase a high grade Magnet Seal window and save all of the aggravation hassles of cutting and installing a home made insert. Matt can be reached @ 1 (800) 947-3848. Tell him that Bob O. from Super Soundproofing referred you.
Thanks for the post Mandi.

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