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Dominic Meiman

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Semi-soundproofing area beneath a piano
« on: September 24, 2003, 07:56:23 PM »
I recently purchased a large grand piano (7' 5") which interferes with the work of my downstairs neighbor who is a therapist.  Since I live in a rental apartment, I'm only willing to invest in a partial soundproofing solution, since it will be a temporary solution.  

My understanding is that most of the sound in a grand piano transmits to the floor through the 3 legs.  The piano currently sits on a medium thick rug and pad, which cover most of the living room floor.  The rug and pad evidently deflect very little if any of the sound from the piano.  My neighbor was surprised when I told him there was a rug already under the piano.

Having read through the other queries concerning practice rooms and having looked over the products you sell, here's what I'm thinking might help alleviate the intensity of the sound that my neighbor hears:

I'm thinking of adding a 5x8 area rug under the piano on top of the existing rug with a pad of mass loaded vinyl sandwiched between the two rugs.  The 48" width of the pad would just catch the 2 front legs of the piano, and an 8 foot length would cover the length of the piano and catch the back leg.  Hopefully this rug and the MLV underneath would help absorb some of the  sound  emanating from the bottom of the piano before it reaches the floor.  It may also trap some of the sound travelling down the legs, though I think more would need to be done there.

The piano legs currently sit on wooden caster cups, which obviously do nothing to absorb the sound.  I'm thinking something like a hard rubber or cork or a combination of materials under the legs might help.  Any thoughts on materials that are sound absorbing yet strong enough to support a very heavy piano?  A maximum height of 2" would probably be the practical limit for lifting the piano above the rug.

Am I on the right track, or do I need to take more drastic measures?  Any comments and advice would be greatly appreciated.   Bothering neighbors is very inhibiting!

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Re: Semi-soundproofing area beneath a piano
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2003, 04:45:14 PM »

You are on the right track in your thinking, however the best solution would be the MLV beneath wall to wall cappeting. I realize that this could be expensive and could inhibit the asthetic look of your apartment, however, it is the best soultion given your circumstances.
I would seriously consider using vibration isolation pads under the wheels of the grand, one beneath each wheel of each leg. I would axe the wooden wheel cups, as they do nothing for soundproofing.
Dominic, there is also another option you have and that would be to glue a layer of the MLV with foam backing to the back of your larger area rug, and them simply place the piano atop the MLV'd area rug, on vibration pads of course.
It is good that you are working with the neighbor, and he knows your plight. It is best to keep him informed of what you are planning, and thus you will keep him from being a disgruntled complainer.
Dominic, I sure hope this helps you, thanks for the interesting post.

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