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structure limits, bass
« on: September 26, 2003, 01:08:52 AM »
What about how much weight a house can handle with regards to adding on soundproofing materials.

suppose you want to add 6Lbs ft2 on a basement ceiling that is 300ft2. That is approx 1800 Lbs hanging from the ceiling, which is quite a bit. Would a normal 2x10 basement handle that? Or would it eventually sag? perhaps reinforce with steel?

would stc of 1/2 of mlv would in theory be:

stc 1/8 = 27
stc 1/4 = 33
stc 1/2 = 39

is it 6dB for every doubling  of weight given that the material is the same?

I remember those noise abatement panels you had from recycled tires. What was the weight per ft2 and the stc?