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Julie Houtz

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plumbing noise thru plastered block wall
« on: October 08, 2003, 05:45:49 PM »
I live in a side-by-side duplex built in the 1940s; the common wall is 12" blocks covered with plaster (plain blocks, no plaster in basement and attic). The staircase to the second floor runs along the common wall.

I've always heard occasional voices and footsteps through the wall, but recent renovations by my neighbors have introduced the sound of water rushing through pipes every time they use their toilet or bathroom faucets. The noise is not limited to the bathroom; it reverberates through my entire house!

The primary problem is that when they put a new half-bath in their basement, they attached the plumbing pipes directly to the common wall. I'm having a difficult time convincing them that they need to modify the plumbing set-up. They just put their house up for sale, and they don't want to tear it up again. I've ordered some pipe wrap that I MAY be able to convince them to use but even that isn't guaranteed.

What materials would work best, and exactly how would would I attach them to plastered concrete block?Any wall application has to be no more than 1" deep to avoid encroaching on the front door of the house. It also needs to be easily molded or cut to fit around the staircase steps.

Also, I've seen some information on the Web about Thermco foam injected into the voids of concrete block as a method of for improved noise reduction (though not a stand-alone solution). Does anyone have experience with that foam?