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Brian Daniels

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Basement Sound Proofing
« on: October 12, 2003, 12:53:22 AM »
I have a band. and our rehearsels are pretty loud, and we are going to start practicing in my basement for the first time here real soon, and I am a little worried, because I live next to a police officer, he is a very cool person, but I don't want our loud music to create any problems for us. Is there any way I can get some drawings, or something that would help me build one of these floating ceilings? or is there something you can suggest that would be affordable. My floors and walls are concrete, but I have exposed Joists in my ceiling, as well as 2 other walls in the basement are only 2 x 4 metal studs w/ sheet rock. If you have any videos, suggestions, or drawings on how I can do this I would greatly appreciate it. PLEASE HELP!! :

Thank You Brian.


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Re: Basement Sound Proofing
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We aren't so elaborate as to have videos yet, but that is a very good idea. The website does most of our talking for us. There is well over 25 years of soundproofing experience and know how on that site. I have a few links listed below that will greatly educate you on how to soundproof your basement for band practice. I hope they help you. Thanks for the post.

These links should get you on your way to having a great place for your band to practice, and you won't be bothering the cops either.

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