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Yetzenia Betancourt

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condo soundproofing in MI
« on: October 30, 2003, 03:06:08 AM »
If you leave your existing ceiling will you get the same quality of soundproofing. Also I had an estimate done and for an 1100sq ft condo its about $6000.00 is that a pretty good estimate.  Also know anyone in Michigan who is good at this stuff?

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Re: condo soundproofing in MI
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If you are floating your ceiling using the SSP sound clips, it is always best  to remove your existing ceiling and start from scratch, however, the removal of your existing drywall is not absolutely essential. You can do a floated ceiling right atop the existing drywall. The only thing you will lose is the dead air space that is between your ceiling and the floor joists and sub floor above. This dead air space does help in your soundproofing endeavors, but as I stated previously, it is not necessarly essential.
As for the $6000 bid, I would need to know exactly what operation is going to be performed  (by the contractor) on your condo, and the amount of materials and the labor costs, but generally speaking, fo 1100 sq ft, $6K is a good estimate.
Yetzenia, I sure hope this answers your question. Thanks for the post.

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