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Patrick S.

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Noisey tenants
« on: November 07, 2003, 11:03:27 PM »
I own a home in which I occupy the upstairs and have the basement rented out to tenants. We can pretty much here everything that is being said and done downstairs. I was wondering what I can do to block the sound from coming upstairs. I have carpet throughout the upstairs, is there anything I can lay under my carpets to get rid of the noise from downstairs?



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Re: Noisey tenants
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Absolutely, there is a great material called mass loaded vinyl (MLV) for short.  It is a 1/8" vinyl material that would roll out onto the sub floor. You will butt the seams together and caulk the seams and around the perimeter of this vinyl. I would then seam tape the seams of the rolled out MLV. Next you will re install the tackless (carpet tack strips) right through the MLV and then carpet and pad as usual. I do recommend that you remove the existing tackless in order to roll out the MLV and have no extra seams or gaps. Carpet tack strip is cheap and easy to remove and replace.
Pat, lastly, don't forget to use rebond carpet pad when you reinstall the carpet and padding. The adhesive in the rebond has good sound suppressing capabilities.
Hope this helps Patrick. Thanks for the post.


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