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Soundproofing door
« on: November 07, 2003, 02:05:31 AM »
As a first step in soundproofing a music room I would like to build a soundproof door - will several layers of  plywood separated by some sort of acoustical mat work OK? I can do carpentry fairly well,  so building stuff isn't a problem.  Any suggestions?


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Re: Soundproofing door
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You have to keep in mind that wood transmits sound readily,so for a studio it is best to get a door made of MDF or some other non sound conducting material.
Another good plan is to have double doors mounted to the same door jab (one that opens one way, then a small air space and the other that opens the opposite direction). This is an excellent way to soundproof the doorway of any studio, especially a small home studio. Trust me, it's the way The Big Boys do it!!
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