Author Topic: Dorm room-connecting door blocks no sound!  (Read 3903 times)

Adam Hofmann

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Dorm room-connecting door blocks no sound!
« on: November 15, 2003, 07:39:09 AM »
Hello.  I'm living in a dorm, and for some reason there is a single, thin door between my room and the next. Problem is, they're loud at the worst times, and even earplugs can't block them out. I went into the room on the other side (without the connecting door) and it is nearly silent, so it's gotta be this connecting door. We never (can't) use it, but I think we could get it open with our RA if necessary.

What's a very cheap, easily aquirable, effective way to buffer this sound? Put something up against the door and under the crack? Anything in the side or top cracks? Thanks.  Looking for something really cheap and easy here, even at the sake of a bit of sound... my earplugs can do the rest :)