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New Construction and rental
« on: November 16, 2003, 06:55:20 PM »
Condensed long story.
Ive got 6 months left in my Masters degree and the landlord decided to construct a new addition to our apartment building.  Im not directly attached to the construction, but Im separated by it by ab out 40 feet.  Trucks and machinery is constantly driving around -- Very noisy with the trucks.  

To add to the problem, the empty parking lot that my bedroom wall faces will also be torn up to build 3 3-story townhouses, the closest point of construction being 40 feet away.  

Our apartment building was constructed in the 40's and the walls seem to be thick and sturdy.  The windows do not seal and let all the noise in.

After reading most of the posts on this website, it seems that using a Vinyl Nitrile Foam mat on the windows (each measuring at 39 1/4 inches by 56 1/4 inches) However i do see that they are sold at 48 inches.  If this fails to block out enough sound, Ill buy some acoustic drapes and seal them on the facing wal and partially on the connecting walls, making a "U" shape around my bed.  

My questions are:
1) How can i test the sound resistance of the walls to assess the affects of simply sealing up the windows for adequate soundproofing

2) What types of remedies do you recommend for this particular situation.  


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Re: New Construction and rental
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Some Useful Info:

Wall facing parking lot construction - 2 windows facing const. 2 windows at almost perfect 90 degree angle to const.  Bathroom makes up the other 90 degree wall.  One window a/c unit in window facing construction.  

Im a poor student and I would like to balance cost with effective sound reduction.