Author Topic: Soundproofing an office basement workout gym  (Read 3751 times)

Anne Morgan

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Soundproofing an office basement workout gym
« on: December 30, 2003, 03:16:22 PM »
My company is renovating our huge basement area into a workout gym for its employees. It is basically a concrete area filled with concrete pillars and concrete ceiling. There will be carpet on the floor but other than that we are open to how to handle the walls and ceiling to improve the sound down there. It echoes terribly and the sound from music will carry upstairs to the work environment areas. I've thought about large painted canvases mounted about 6 inches from the walls to add color and help deaden sound. I've thought about draping fabric from the ceiling in a wavelike pattern. I've thought about hanging baffle panels. Basically I am a COMPLETE novice and wondered about some ideas that anyone might have.

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Re: Soundproofing an office basement workout gym
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