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Jim DiCarlo

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Max sound reduction using min wall thickness
« on: January 03, 2004, 04:17:42 PM »
I have read many of Bob's replies to questions.  He often suggests adding MLV, channels, and dead space on existing walls.  What is not at all clear from these discusssions is how to maximally reduce sound while minimally adding wall thickness.  Related to this is the order of the additions  (e.g. is dead space more effective before or after a MLV layer? (if you had to choose to keep wall thickness down)).

My specific question is:

I have a existing 13x10 wall that I want to maximally sound insulate (from neighbor misc noise).  I own the condo, so I can tear out the drywall on my side of the wall if that is beneficial, and I am willing to spend significant dollars to do the job right.  However, I cannot add more than 2-3 inches to the thickness of the existing wall.  (because I have a window frame right against the wall)  Given this constraint, I was considering taking out the existing drywall, inserting sound blocking materials (e.g. heavy soundboard) between the studs, adding MLV on the studs where the drywall will contact them, replacing the drywall, adding a full MLV mat on the drywall, adding channels, and then a final layer of drywall.  This is just a guess based on reading soundproofing sites, and I figure that it would add about 2” to the existing wall thickness.

I would really like to know the optimal solution in the general case (e.g. which is better a 1” dead space, a 1” layer of drywall, a 1” layer of MLV, or a 1” layer of heavy soundboard).  I imagine that the proper solution is some combination of all of these materials in some pattern of alternation and thicknesses, but I would very much appreciate input on both of the material thickness choices and the optimal combination (ignoring cost).  For instance, perhaps I am better off leaving the existing dead air space between the studs rather than inserting soundboard.

Thanks in advance!