Author Topic: Soundproofing  an Irrigation Pump Box  (Read 4197 times)

Joseph LaRocco

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Soundproofing  an Irrigation Pump Box
« on: January 09, 2004, 11:45:09 AM »
I live about 35 feet from a lake in a new development in Southeast Florida.  The lake is behind my house.  On an easement to the right and behind my house, the developer has installed an above-ground irrigation control system which houses water pumps for lawn sprinklers.  The pumps inside the box run almost twenty hours a day and although they are enclosed in a box, the pumps' noise level is about 65 decibels which I can clearly hear from my patio.  The box housing the pumps measures about 6 feet in depth, 4 feet in height, and 4 feet in width.  There are service doors in the front and back of the box.  I believe the noise level from the pumps can be significantly reduced by covering the box with a lead blanket which can tolerate exterior weather conditions like rain.  I'm envisioning a lead blaknet that's 4 feet wide by 18 feet long and an inch or so thick which can be layed on top of the box so that both ends fall over the service doors in the front and back of the box.

Is there anything like that available?