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Joyce Johnson

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Townhome with sound channel wall still noisy
« on: January 22, 2004, 10:32:30 PM »
I live in a townhome, new construction 2002.  When we purchased the townhome we were told that the soundchannel wall between the master bedroom and master bath and our neighbor would be suffcient.  I can hear my neighbor talking, not always specific words, but it is very disturbing.  We assume he can hear us as well even though he denies it.  The townhome is a rambler walk-out with floor-truss construction between the main floor and lower level.  I believe this is part of the problem since all the soundproofing in the world will not stop the open area between the floors.  We live in Minnesota and have had homes in the past with floor-truss construction and have always been happy.  Some members of the townhome association have gone to the added expense of adding additional soundproofing to the walls, but do not think the $$ were worth it.  Do you have any suggestions for beefing up the noise reduction?
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