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will this work??
« on: February 27, 2004, 02:02:08 AM »
Im going to be moving into a new house and so im going to try and build a soundproof room within the two car garage so my band can play inside. ive talked to different people about this, and i have been looking at various websites so i have kind of hammered out some plans. the plans are as follows

I am going to build a 10X12 room within our 2 car garage (19.6X18.6) the room will be situated in a corner but i dont plan to connect the room to the garage walls. I want to leave a 6 inch space between the outerwalls and the walls of my room (two of the sides will clearly have much more spacing then this) i am going to build a outer wall frame out of 2X2 studs (from ripped 2X4's) and on the outside of this fram i want to attach 2 layers of drywall. I was thinking about putting this really thin underlayment for laminate flooring in between the sheets of drywall to help stop tranfer the sound if this is unneccesary please tell me. Then  i want to build antother 2X2 frame offset from the other and also completly independantof the other with a few inches of space between. i am unsure whether or not filling this small space with the cheap pink insulation would be advantageuous or not. then on the inside of this new wall fram (which would be the inside of the room) i want to put two more sheets of drywall (with the underlayment in between the layers if it will help) I understand the importance of the room being airtight so i plan on paying a good deal of attention to sealing up any leaks. im not sure whether or not soundproofing the roof is neccesary (one layer of drywall or two). I have also heard of putting the walls on top of a soundproofing rubber to help isolate the walls from the concrete floor to help it stop from transfering the sound. I have a little over 500 bucks to spend and with current prices of drywall i figure just the cost of the drywall (1/2 inch) to be 250 dollars.  what am i doing wrong what else can i do? Will 2X4 stud walls make a big difference?

thank you