Author Topic: Where to buy laminated glass?  (Read 4229 times)

Andy Brenz

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Where to buy laminated glass?
« on: March 24, 2004, 03:20:17 AM »
As I've been gathering costs to put in the project studio, I called a local Glass Doctor to inquire about laminated glass for the windows between rooms.  The price I was quoted for any size of 1/4" "lammy" was $10 per square foot.  They only have 1/4" thick stuff.  

First off, is that a decent price?  Second, are there any places you'd suggest to buy that would have more thicknesses available?  

The plans call for three 3' X 4' windows and two 2' X 3' door inserts.  For a total of 96 square feet, the cost for just 1/4" glass would be a thousand bucks!