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Soundproofing Contractor in Southern California
« on: March 25, 2004, 05:22:03 PM »
Greetings Soundproofing Fans,  
It is my pleasure to introduce to all of Southern California, John Granahan of Granahan Construction Co. John has recently come  onboard with the complete Super Soundproofing program for soundproofing homes, offices, music studios, as well as church sanctuaries and auditoriums. John is well aquainted with all of our products and installation procedures, but most importantly he has an open ear and an open mind. He listens to what the customer needs and wants from a soundproofing project.  
John has over 25 years experience in the Construction industry, and has been doing soundproofing for a great number of those years. He is atuned to all the new developments in the soundproofing field, and has the knowledge and expertise to make any soundproofing project a reality.  
 John is sensitive to his customers needs and is able to install soundproofing into walls and ceilings while still maintaining the beauty and aesthetics of the most expensive and refined home or office designs.  
I personally look at John as The Norm Abrams, or the Bob Villa of the soundproofing Industry.  
In a day and age when soundproofing is no longer a luxury for the rich, but a necessity for the general public just to get a good nights sleep, Granahan Construction has stepped up to the plate to meet the soundproofing challenges for all of the Southern California area. He has completed projects from Santa Barbara County all the way down to the Mexican Border, so give John a call @ (949) 280-6220 and tell him that Bob O. of recommended him, you'll be glad you did, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at this man's integrity and professionalism.  
Also feel free to visit his website  The sight is still under construction, but when you read the testimonials from satisfied customers, you will know John is the right man for all of your soundproofing needs.  
For all you cyber treckies out there, e-mail John  at  
Thanks for welcoming John Granahan to the Super Soundproofing Family. Give him a call today. Thanks!  
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