Author Topic: Need advice on soundproofing new HT room  (Read 2953 times)

Dustin Sharp

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Need advice on soundproofing new HT room
« on: March 25, 2004, 12:23:02 AM »
I'm about to move into a new house after leasing one for a long time, and getting into home theater in the process(i.e wires running up the walls, which were white, in a room that barely works). The room I'll be using is 26x12. The bedrooms are pretty far away, but not so I could blast Lord of the Rings at 3 AM(which is the ultimate goal for me in soundproofing).

At the end of the HT, behind the screen there are French doubledoors, these will be closed at all times as the screen is a perm wall. I wish I could use those doors as the entrance, but the screen will not work on the other end of the room, so the screen will be over the doors. In the doorframe between the screen and the doors in about a 3in space, which I intend to heavily insulate/soundproof, as it's the most direct link to the bedrooms. Other than that, I want to know all the measures i can take to insulate/soundproof the other walls. Be it good insulation, or soundproofing material. The only thing I can't do is add another layer of sheetrock, making a double layer.

Any, and all advice is greatly appreciated.