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New Soundproofing Technicians
« on: March 25, 2004, 07:11:17 PM »
Dear Soundproofing fans,

 It has been difficult for me to keep up with this forum on my own, but I now have some help in the form of Joel Fannin and some new techs in training. These gents will be able to answer all of your soundproofing questions. I will continue as well to answer as many questions as I possibly can.  Thanks again, and if you have serious issues with soundproofing, please do not hesitate to call toll free @ (888) 942-7723.


BJ Nash

Super Soundproofing Sales/Technical Associate.

Ph: (760) 752-3030    FAX: (760) 752-3040



Anytime  (888) 942-7723 (After hours, leave a message)