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Soundproofing NYC Apartment
« on: April 12, 2004, 07:09:32 PM »
To Whom It May Concern,
I live in a studio apartment in NYC, and I am experiencing sound problems that are driving me nuts.
Some background:  my apartment is a studio apartment that forms a U-shape - my kitchen is and main living space are joined by a 12' hallway.  On the opposite side of my hallway is my neighbor's kitchen, which places it right in the middle of my apartment.  Every noise that my neighbor makes in her kithchen is audible in my apartment, which our shared walls seem to amplify.  Since my apartment is a studio apartment (read, one room) I cannot escape the noise that my neighbor makes, which are rather loud and incredibly disturbing.  The noises that I must endure include, but are not limited to, running water, the running of a dishwaher, the putting away of plates, conversations, and, most annoyingly, the slamming of kitchen cabinets.  I had originally considered having our shared walls insulated with some sort of sound-deadening material, but I have since reconsidered this option in light of my research, which indicates that such a pursuit would prove ineffective.   What would you suggest that I do in order to remedy my situation.  Please, helfp, for I am losing my mind.


A. Smith

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Re: Soundproofing NYC Apartment
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What you may want to consider is to take off the dry wall and insulate with "Thermal Fiber" insulation.  It is denser than fiberglass and is what they use in the hotels in Las Vegas. It is extremely fireproof, and vermin proof.

Next, you should consider using sound channels or sound clips, before installing the new drywall. This must be done carefully as the new drywall must not touch the studs.

Finally, instead of drywall, you may want to use a product called "Quiet Rock" which is like drywall, but has a vasoelastic core that helps absorb sound.  You should use 2 layers (5/8" for one layer and 1/2" for the other).
The perimeter of the drywall cannot touch the other walls.  You must use a special sound calk.

For extra assurance, you may want to sandwich a layer of a special sound proof mat on the walls or this may be done before you put up the drywall if you wish ( you cannot use just any rubber or vinyl mat as it will deteriorate over time and will be a fire hazzard.  The correct sound mat will be self extinguishing if there is a fire...CHECK CITY CODES AND GET PROPER PERMITS BEFORE YOU BEGIN WORK.  IT IS WORTH THE TROUBLE AND COST).  Check online under apartment or condo soundproofing for these products (ex:

If you are just doing one wall, these expense should not be over the top...however, it won't be a cheap fix.  I strongly encourage you to do research on this before you undertake it, and if you decide to do it, do it right the first time and do not skip on the quality of materials or workmanship.  You should check with your association before you begin.  The job should be left to professionals because of possible electrical and plumbing issues.

There are no short cuts in resolving this problem.

Done properly, it should add value to you unit.
Good luck!

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Re: Soundproofing NYC Apartment
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Have you considered killing your neighbor?