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Brandon Drury

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Mega Budget Basement for Band
« on: May 11, 2004, 09:02:51 AM »

I own a home recording studio and I'm fairly up on the acoustic end of things, but know very little about soundproofing.  

A friend and I are building a band jam room in a basement (this is a completely seperate venture from the recording studio).  As a studio owner, I know that the drummer is one of the loudest I've scene, and I've scene quite a few.

It's the typical scenario in the basement.  For this project, I'm certainly looking to kill as much sound leakage as possible and the budget is extremely low.

The room is 17'x17'.  At the moment we can see the floor up above us and many parallel I-beams ( I think) spaced 16 inches apart.  We can hear conversations above us.  So we know that we have some work to do.

Our thoughts were to construct a frame just under the I-beams to allow us to slide in Drywall above the frame.  We intended to place rubber in between the frame and the frame and seal it with as much caulk as possible.

The idea is for the drywall to be just setting there and if we wanted we could push it up with our bear hands (and a ladder).  We intend to use the heaviest tar paper we can.  The Mass Loaded Vinyl looks very attractive for my future studio needs, but is a little expensive for a stupid rock band jam room.  The tar paper will set on top of the drywall to give it some weight.

Our goal is to do two seperate layers of drywall on ceiling.  Each will be completely independent of the other.  

Is this a reasonable way of avoid sound transmission through the ceiling?

Brandon Drury


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Re: Mega Budget Basement for Band
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2009, 04:22:44 AM »
I have a similar problem except I am the neighbor who has to listen to the noise, but I am helping them to soundproof.


I am trying to help soundproof my next door neighbor's basement which is partially frame above ground and facing my house.  They play rock music and the bass and the drum comes thru and it sounds like a boom box inside my house.  The side that is framed faces my house and is basically wood, dry wall and siding. 
I read so many options and the one most recently from a good source said that I should use
•   1/8” Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) with pressure-sensitive-adhesive (PSA) two layer of MLV glue against the finished wall and Green Glue with a regular dry wall.  Does any one have any experience with this menthod and does it really stop MOST of the low wavelenth?...


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Re: Mega Budget Basement for Band
« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2009, 08:02:25 PM »
Ok the system of drywall / MLV / green glue / drywall is a great system for airbone sound (coversation,tv etc). As for LF and vibration, you will need to decouple from the existing structure in order to stop the path LF and vibration will travel.
I dont know if taking the MEGA Budget route will prove worth while when dealing with LF and Vibration once the walls are up and finished.
Here is a link to the recommended clips to use with hat channel for decoupling.