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Bar in Japan
« on: May 18, 2004, 01:32:02 PM »
Well, it looks like my partners and I will be opening a bar in Japan soon, with dancing, and we have some neighbors to worry about.  But we have to start on the super cheap.  We are plugging the windows with a sandwich of styrofoam and a very thin rubber sheeting sold here under the Japanese name meaning "sound proof wall".  This is all we can get but is quite cheap, about $40 for 10 m2.  

But for the rest of the wall, has anyone tried newspaper, left folded and then nailed or screwed to the walls?  I was thinking of then coveing it with the cheap rubber sheeting and then wallpaper.  It's just a few walls out of many, so fire-codes are probably not a problem.  Another cheap (free!) material in abundant supply is bamboo.  But I don't know the acoustic properties of this, nor how I would use it.  Any other super cheap suggestions are most welcome.

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