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Cinder block walls
« on: May 12, 2004, 03:17:45 PM »
I would like to enquire about the most economical way to reduce echoes in a large open masonry block building.  The building has a concrete floor and tile ceiling approx. 10 ft high.  Overall square footage is around 1800'.  The building is used for meetings with medium groups of people.  When a speaker addresses the group, the sound is terrible.  Any suggestions.


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Re: Cinder block walls
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There is not enough absorbent material in the room. There are materials that will help to quell the refractivness and reverberation of the walls, floor, and ceiling. A series of baffles suspended from the ceiling that employs absorbent panels (such as open celled foam mat) would help. Other things that would be helpful are carpet and padding on the floor, cloth covered furniture is always a plus in a refractive room.
They Pyramids and Weggies were designed for sound conditioning and help to absorb a lot of the refraction and echo in a large room such as you describe.
Please feel free to give us a call here at and we will help you on the road to sound conditioning you meeting hall. Thanks for the post Wellnix.


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