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« on: May 20, 2004, 09:32:53 PM »

What i want is to soundproof my basement(i rent it)  in a wooden house. I`ve already make some soundproofing job for my ceiling and walls. What i did is i putted glass wool(fiber) into existing wall in the wooden frame by removing from my side the layer of the gyprock and after i put it back. And then i installed two layers of SONOPAN divided by resilient channel and then i covered it with one more layers of gyprock....But actually what i recieved...its just about 25 its very poor cause for my music practice i need at least STC of 50-55.

What i want to do now - is to build addittonal wooden frame over my existing "job" ...and to cover it with the  2 lb MLV sheets and then to cover with the layer of gyp rock. Also i will have a dead air space beetween my MLV layer and existing wall.  So if i do everything without any cracks...what STC i can expect? (i will do it for the walls and for ceiling also). Or may be somebody can advice something else?

The second about ventilation. In my basement i want to do the heavy plug for the window, but its the only way for incoming air also...Its impossible to stay more then 20 minutes with closed window there
....SO what the easiest way of doing the plug(for the window) with built in ventilation system that will not allow the sound to and out.  :-[

Thanks a lot!