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Pumps Pool
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The most common problem withpumps are clogged impellers. If thepump is not priming or flowing wellor at all, you may have a cloggedimpeller. This problem is mostcommon in the 1/2 HP pumpsbecause of the small outlets on theimpeller. A 1HP pump will usually letmost stringy leafy debris and rocksfly by.
If you suspect you have a clogged impeller be cautious about openingup your pump seal. Often times the seals loose their pliability and willbreak or leak after you disassemble the pump so be prepared withsome magic lube and some extra seals before you break apart yourpump.Most pumps come apart with just a crescent wrench and a screwdriver. Take the bolt or thumbscrew off of the stainless steal seal plateband and then pull the motor and seal plate away from the pumpvolute or intake side. Now you will probably see a few screws holdingthe diffuser plate over the impeller. Take these screws out and exposethe impeller. You don’t need to remove the impeller in order to clear it.I like to use a plastic tube from a squirt bottle and push any rocks orcellulose out from the outer edge towards the middle. Some impellersare translucent so you can see the debris.Now that the pump impeller is clear and the diffuser is screwed backon, you should lubricate or change all the rubber seals with magiclube to ensure a tight leak proof seal.

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