Author Topic: Wall-Unit A/C - Sound Reduction When OFF?  (Read 3811 times)


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Wall-Unit A/C - Sound Reduction When OFF?
« on: June 07, 2004, 10:54:49 PM »
I have a 1 bedroom garage-apartment and plan on practicing sax at all hours of the night.  The bedroom has the smallest area of wall facing the outside, so my plan is to practice there.  I used a CD with my stereo on full blast to test how soundproof the room was.  The front of the house (there's 2 walls between the stereo and front) almost has no sound.  The back wall, I can clearly hear the stereo LOUD.  There is only one wall (and no air space, since this is the bedroom wall) in the back.  

I believe sound is mostly going through my wall-unit A/C.  The A/C is OFF during the test.  Are there any creative solutions to reducing the noise heard through a wall-unit A/C?

My plan was to make an inside cover for the entire window frame, A/C included.  Something like a 2x4 frame (2" side pressing against the window frame) and plywood or something nailed to the 2x4s to cover up the entire window.  Basically, board up the window and use 2x4s as extensions since the wall-unit sticks inside the window by an inch or so.

I have already used foam (the grey 3/4" square grey stuff) and liquid expandable foam to seal the holes around the A/C and window.  The main purpose for this was to keep the bugs out.

Please let me know if someone already has had this problem and solved it.  Or just create solutions would help.  Thanks!