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Jason Henderson

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Best method for...
« on: June 22, 2004, 01:18:46 PM »
Could someone help we with the best solution to

soundproof a room on the second story of my home?

I would like to use this room for practicing my drums.

I am mainly concerned about reducing the noise

outside the house completely if possible, so I may

practice afterhours without disturbing anyone.

The room I'd like to soundproof is 12' x 12' and has

one window.  Only one of the walls is an outside

wall. All other walls are inside the home. There is

very little attic above the room and below the room

is my half bath and part of the garage.

Money is not as much of an issue as reducing the

noise outside the house completely and inside

the house as much as possible. I am open to framing

inside the room, installing any flooring or ceiling and

replacing the door and window if necessary.

BTW, the basement is out of the question... I have

finished it to be a home theatre and bar. The lady

likes her booze and flicks!

Thanks for any help!!!