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Elizabeth Reid

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Free floating floor
« on: July 24, 2004, 10:43:36 PM »
I am in the process of constructing a free-floating platform floor on top of a subfloor situated above a bedroom. The "new" floor has a piano that will not be appreciated by the downstairs occupant when she is trying to sleep. I am working with less than a shoestring budget (ie. the summer pay of a schoolbus driver = almost nothing).   I have the lumber cut. Hiding in my garage are a choice of 1/2" or 3/4" plywood as well as sheets of foil backed foam insulation panels and sheets of 2" styrofoam which could be placed in the spaces between my new "joists". I do have some green foam underlayment that I plan to use to isolate the framework I am constructing from the current subfloor as well as from the walls.  What do you think I could expect for an improvement in the transmission of sound through this floor with what I have available? Right now you can hear dresser drawers open as well as conversations. The upstairs occupant does not want any floor covering except prerhaps a scatter rug and plans to paint her new floor.


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Re: Free floating floor
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You may be on the right track here, but you actually need to consider getting some serious soundproofing especially if you have both upstairs and downstairs neighbors. Common building materials generally don't cut it when it comes to real soundproofing. You may need to reconsider your plans to include products such as Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) closed cell foam mat and perhaps even a ceiling float using either resilient channels or Sound clips and metal furring channels.
Liz, there is more to soundproofing than meets the eye. Thanks for the post.

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