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,,,Bureau Drawers Slamming Shut
« on: August 27, 2004, 05:22:59 PM »
Hi Everyone!
We are being woken up by the sound of our upstairs neighbor's bureau drawers being slammed shut.  This is driving us nuts, as we are sleep deprived the entire day.  Sometimes the drawers are slammed shut, and other times they are just being closed, but we hear a rumble as they close on the tracks.  What can we do to alleviate this terrible problem?  Would putting her bureau on carpet help, as opposed to it sitting on bare wood floor?  What is transmitting this rumble sound -- is it the wood floor?  We are woken up early AM and late at night -- this sucks indeed.  Please let us know if anyone out there can relate and what have you done to correct this problem.  
Thanks again for your help!  Hope to hear some responses as we are going nuts.
Jeffrey Charlet