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Re: Silencing the Parade Above My Head
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To answer the question about blown in Foam Insulation.  We just had this done to our ceiling, along with a layer of cork, and 2 layers of drywall.  With all of that and $6,000 poorer, we are still hearing the sound of footsteps above us.  Our reasoning for this was to dull the sound of our 4th floor neighbor above us.  It didnt work - maybe reduced it by 20-30% but since we live in a condo with all hardwood floors and wood framing - there's no hope unless the neighbor above is willing to shell out the money to replace her flooring with some soundproofing.... that is impossible - esp. since that neighbor above has no clue what it sounds like and doesnt affect her.  

Anyway - dont waste the money unless you want only airborne sounds to cut out - but if it's footsteps you're trying to prevent --- nothing will help.  :(

I feel your pain, and I too am emotionally upset about this whole situation - I'm just glad that I'm not alone.


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Re: Silencing the Parade Above My Head
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two and a half thousand views - that says you're not alone.