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Tony Beam

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Sound Absorption in Concert Fellowship Hall
« on: September 16, 2004, 07:56:30 PM »
As with most churches we try to be very conservative with God’s money so we are trying to improve the acoustic properties of our existing Fellowship Hall to accept a new contemporary worship service. Of course we are trying to do this our self.

The room is basically 60 foot by 40 foot with a 12 foot ceiling. Three walls are concrete block ( the side 60 foot walls and the back 40 foot wall) and the fourth wall (the rear 40 foot wall) is sheet rock. The existing floor is tile. The ceiling is your typically drop ceiling tile. The problem that needs is create sound absorption in the room. There is little concern about outside noise or controlling sound from existing the room.

We plan to put down indoor/outdoor carpet rugs on the vast majority of the floor to help absorb sound however wall-to-wall carpet is not an option.

I have not read that much as of yet but understand the options are sound absorbing cloth/drapes and various forms and thicknesses of acoustic panels typically in 4’ by 8’ panels. I also understand that folks make panels which mount in corners and also between the wall and ceiling. We plan to mount the speakers probably about half way up the wall pointing back toward the sheet rock wall.   ???