Author Topic: Soundproofing a Wood constructed Outbuilding  (Read 3495 times)

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Soundproofing a Wood constructed Outbuilding
« on: September 30, 2004, 10:08:50 PM »
 ;D  I built a 12 by 20 , 2 by 4 , 3/8" sideing room with an  asphalt roof in my back yard. Eveything is complete except the inside. The building has a Rollup Door only, so I installed a Double pain Slideing Glass Door in front of it so  I can look out while practicing. Right now its bare studs ready for soundproofing. I also plan on useing the room for a personnal office. I dont have a large bugget to complete this project so whats the most practicle ,affordable way to proceed with soundproofing keeping in mind this will be a live band envirement.
I plan on haveing a nice final wall covering for appearance reasons.