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David in Minneapolis

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Airplane Noise Soundproofing
« on: November 07, 2004, 03:56:36 PM »
Hi.  I live in Minneapolis near the airport.  Four years ago, our home was soundproofed professionally as part of a noise abatement process.  We are now going to remodel the upper floor of our home (which is one large bedroom) by replacing the flat ceiling with a peaked ceiling.  That means that the soundproofed blown insulation that was installed is going to need to be replaced.  We are expecting that we'll put thermal insualation between the rafters in the ceiling, but then think we need to add another layer or two of a product to soundproof the room before we put the new sheetrock in.  We're just not sure what kind of product to use for soundproofing; a foam panel? some kind of sprayed product?  In our attic space, there is what appears to be a foil wrapped foam board that is secured to the rafters there with large "silver dollar" sized holders.  Any advice on how best to soundproof the ceiling as we do this work?  THANKS!