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Peter Scott

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Sound deadening parrot screams
« on: November 18, 2004, 01:53:09 AM »
Okay, this may be a new one for you... we have an African Grey parrot whose cage is in a corner of a two-storey 18' x 22' great room with a vaulted ceiling. The noise he is capable of making is hard to describe to anyone who has not experienced what a large bird can do. I suspect he has actually found a resonant frequency of the room to scream at.

We don't want to put anything between him and us, but I am wondering whether we can put anything behind and over him (the ceiling is 8' in his area) that will at least cut down on the sound reflected from those areas. With the ceiling lowered over his area and him back in a corner it strikes me that this is like a megaphone effect. So this is not a question about noise transmission but noise reflectance.

We own the home but would prefer portable solutions so we're not committed to changing the appearance.  However, we may get desperate enough to consider more permanent options also.