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James German

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« on: November 22, 2004, 04:05:32 PM »
We have a new home with tile in the kitchen. With wood cabinets and the tile floor, we get severe echoing. We have not added the curtains, but I am afraid this alone will not deaden it significantly.

We have space above the cabinets to put some sound deadening material. Would this help and if so, what would be the most economical solution?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you for any help.


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Re: kitchen
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2004, 01:39:35 AM »
It's amazing really how curtains help stop the echoing in rooms.  When I take down my curtains to wash them, the whole house echoes.   That happens when I remove pictures from the wall too.   Put heavy curtains on the windows and put mats on the floor and pictures on the walls and they will really help.