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Noisy treadmill below my wood-floor bedroom
« on: November 02, 2005, 04:19:56 AM »
I just moved into my first apartment. It's a 2nd floor apartment in a private home over the garage. The problem is this. My bedroom is directly over the landlord's living room. His wife has a treadmill in the living room and every day at 5:30 AM she takes a nice 52 minute run for dear life on this thing and the sound of it transmits through the wood floor into my bedroom waking me up. I spoke with her about it and she said she likes to run before she goes to work and may be able to run about an hour later but that's all she's willing to give. She feels that it's her house and she should be able to run if she wants to. This place is really perfect otherwise and I put an awful lot of hard work into decorating and such. Moving is a last resort.

Now to be truthful the sound of the treadmill isnt really all that loud, I'm just a light sleeper and I thought I'd get used to it but after a month that hasnt changed at all. So I want to try and soundproof the floor by installing carpet as well as the usual carpet pads and using one of those soundbarrier pads like shown on underneath it all. I'm not sure how many decibels the treadmill is (I will take measurement. I have a sound level meter that I have to retrieve from my parent's house) but I have a feeling the carpet and padding will do the trick. At least I hope so.

Anyone have any suggestions for my first foray into soundproofing. Anything I can get at home depot that may do the same thing?