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Christopher Rods

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Sand Bags hung on the ceiling
« on: January 02, 2005, 08:31:07 PM »

I've been searching the net  lately to find the best and most affordable way to soundproof my basement for rehearsals with my band, and found some advice regarding the use of sandbags as a means of soundproofing.

I am considering this option since sand is free nowadays and bags..well can't get cheaper 8), and i am thinking of hanging sandbags on my ceiling and also covering the windows with lots of them. For the ceiling, I will build a wooden framework to hold them together, and attach gypsum board to the bottom of it.I am still working on a way to make the entire construction suspend and not touch the original ceiling or walls on the side.

However ,I am not sure whether sand has soundproofing properties, the only reason I am considering this is because it would make a heavy false ceiling that would absord the vibrations.

Do you think sand would be a good choice or should i stick to mupliple gypsum boards to add weight to the false ceiling?  :-/