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Fencing out music
« on: March 04, 2005, 03:40:27 PM »
I need advice for soundproofing a new fence.

My neighbor blares his music, mostly on those rare warm Spring and Autumn days when everyone wants to throw open their doors and windows.

The good news:  His noise blasts from essentially one spot, his back door (facing my back door).

The bad news: Our homes, all around me, are very close together, so even with the future fence, his music will still bounce its way to me.  In fact, from the front of my home, you'd swear there was a boom-box in the front yard (his music bounces from the back yard, between our homes, across my street, off the houses across from me, and back into my front windows).  It's just that loud.

So my question:

I'm planning a double-sided tongue-and-groove fence.  This will create 2 solid walls on a fence with a 3-4" gap between.  The fence will rise to 8' tall where needed and will nearly completely block my direct view of his home.

Is there anything more I can do to the fence to improve its worthiness?  Or would the added expense not be worth the minimal improvment on this outdoor, partial sound blocker?

Thank you for any advice,


Mike H

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Re: Fencing out music
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2005, 01:33:16 AM »
I have heard of two possible improvements to  your double-sided wood fence , but don't know how effective they are:

First, use a limp layer of mass loaded vinyl sheeting inside the fence.

Second, use Homesote 440 sheathing board inside the fence.

Has anyone tried either of these solutions?


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Re: Fencing out music
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2005, 10:47:43 PM »
Most fences are not effective unless at least 8-10' high.  More info at

and don't think bushes and shrubs will do it either! :'(