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Impact noise-concrete floor
« on: April 10, 2005, 08:19:10 PM »
Hi all,

hello. I need some suggestions on how to soundproof my  floor. It is concrete and the noise is impact   rather than airborne and travelling from below/underneath  me.Sounds  like heavy thuds.

I live in a multi-storey building which i rent from a housing association.. My greatest weapon is wax earplugs  which i wear constantly but i need a better solution. I have tried everything else.  And this is  the only realistic solution i have left  apart from moving flat/house which i am very reluctant to do indeed.

Is there any solution that might give me improvements ?

What sort of materials are best for impact noise? I'm especially interested in hearing if there any brands or material-types, that  get good reviews and feedback from other users etc. Is there a right way to sandwhich those layers.

What dya think of R10(some type of rubber composite i think-designed for Impact noise i believe) and a soundproofing mat (2.5mm for I & A) and what order would i stack these layers/materials???

I have tongue and groove floor boards( fake/chipboard i believe) currently already on top of a thin cheap  plastic underlay. ,in turn,on top of the concrete.

What possible solutions are out there that might afford some improvement and have been tested or reviewed by other folk as good as such.?

Even the walls may figure in the equation a little though i think the floor would be a great place to start. It sounds like the floor
And another thing i have a very heavy object - a giant aquarium which in theory i think i  may have to isolate- it weighs 680kgs so if i  want a floating floor i reckon the tank/stand will have to go on giant rubber stilts-say rubber  feet on top of a board.This is just a side point however -

the floating floor - what materials worked for you for impact noise- or what would you recommend? brands or whatever.

i'll do whatever it takes,certainly if there is a significant improvement. (I type this with wax ear plugs in my ears hehe)

(I'm not totally sure where the noise is coming from but sounds lke noisy neighbours to me  and it's coming from below me- i'm pretty sure/certain about that)

Any help is much appreciated in advance.

Any materials tried for impact noise  and got good reviews/experiecnces. would be superb.



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Re: Impact noise-concrete floor
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2005, 08:30:54 PM »

recorrection-Actually the acquarium( tank,water and stand and boulders)  in all is prob. about 850kgs -probably more accurate- nearly a ton. i may need to isloate this weight unless, that is, it has soundproffing qual;tities as someone's post  maybe suggested.

. I'm not sure how thick the concrete floors are or the type  but it's a typical uk  prefab 60's  high-rise block structure. Can't be more than a foot think . 15cm ??? half a foot perhaps though that  is a pure guess.