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Bob Harmon

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Acoustics for Recording Studio
« on: July 04, 2005, 03:23:37 AM »
Does anyone know how to do it yourself solutions to acousticaly tune a Recording Studio 16ft X 24ft X 12ft peak ceiling. I cannot afford the Professional products such as Aurolex which makes panels that absorb certian frequencies, and Bass traps for the corners. I know there was homemade devises to improve sound in a studio before these new acoustic panels came out.
 I don't want a soundproff room. My building is made out of insulated metal doors, so it pretty much sound proffs outside noises. My problem is the metal walls bouncing sound frequencies around and making the recordings sound congloberated. I record Bluegrass and Gospel music, so I do not need the complexitys that Rock music would call for. I record acoustic guitar,mandolin, acoustic Bass, banjo, fiddles, vocals and some piano. I sure need some advise from someone who knows something about what I need and I need to know how to make the solution myself. Many thanks in advance for your insights


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Re: Acoustics for Recording Studio
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An inexpensive solution is to use curtains!  See  for the ones you need.

BJ Nash


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Re: Acoustics for Recording Studio
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Don't forget to treat the walls so the Studio sounds good.

See the "Control Room Layout?" topic for more on this; an excerpt below:

The first reflections are a major concern as is bass resonance; bass traps are the typical solution for bass resonance. The location of treatment for the first reflections are very critical. If the room is all sheetrock the room will not have a flat response; it will be mid-bass heavy, so tuned panels maybe what you need. With harder construction materials the typical tuned panels may not be what you need.

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