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Zackeriah Peters

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Holes in wall and what about dual windows
« on: July 07, 2005, 07:58:22 PM »
 Ok, I am building a sound proof booth in my basement studio.  I having 2 problems I am running into while planning it out.  The first is there are holes in one of the walls that is made of concrete blocks.  The wholes are about 6 inches deep by 12x5 and there are 4 of them in a row along the top of the wall right under the ceiling.  I am little lost on what I should do.  Should I just block them up with wood and make them flush with the concrete blocks?  Or is there some padding I should look into?

The second problem is I would like to have windows in this sound proof booth so I can see the people who are in it.  Would 2 panes of glass 8 inches apart and maybe the interior one at a slight angle give me much sound reduction?

One last thing is there any tips you can give me, or thing I should know about making a sound proof booth?  Because to tell the truth I don't even really know the importance of a sound proof booth other than to separate the sounds so it doesn't bleed into a different channel.  Is there something I am trying to achieve acoustically as well?

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Re: Holes in wall and what about dual windows
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I would just cover up the holes with layers of drywall...

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