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building a room in my garage
« on: July 21, 2005, 07:19:06 PM »
Just looking for some advice on how best to soundproof my situation.

I have a big garage (just bare open walls, not insulated, etc) and I'm building a jam spot in it. The jam spot is in the back corner using the two outside walls of the garage. Right now, it's all framed and ready to start running the electrical. the plan is to insulate (fibre glass insulation), vapour barrier, use acoustic sealant. We're planning to put resilient channel on the interior walls (maybe the outside walls too? ) and then cover over with drywall. There's a couple windows that we're going to build boxes for to slide in to cover them up.

Any thoughts on how "sound proof" that'll be? or any tips for making it more sound proof without spending $1000's.

I read through the soundproofing a garage page, but am unsure of a couple things.  The roll roofing for example, where could I use that in this scenario - if anywhere?  Building code says the room has to be vapour barrier sealed to avoid exhaust fumes..

I don't need it to be completely sound proof (though it wouldn't hurt). I just don't want it to anger my neighbours.



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Re: building a room in my garage
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2006, 02:25:29 PM »
I am building the same type of "jam spot" in my garage and through extensive research on the internet, here is
my plan: I will build a room within the garage, ie. not using the existing exterior walls for the room. Framing will be 3 1/2" steel studs, staggered on a 6" bottom track so that there is a physical separation between the inside and the outside of the wall, available at Home Depot. Then I will cover both sides of the wall and also the top and bottom of the ceiling with one layer of Celotex Soundboard and one layer of "Quiet Rock" making sure to seal all voids with acoustic sealant. The cavity in the walls will be filled with mineral wool insulation as opposed to fiberglass. The door will be solid core with a layer of mass loaded vinyl on both sides.