Author Topic: New Apartment, Horrible Noise....Limited Options  (Read 3362 times)


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New Apartment, Horrible Noise....Limited Options
« on: September 21, 2005, 11:23:50 PM »
I just moved into an Apartment after a job relocation. I used to live in a Duplex before and luckily our units were separated by a garage, so noise was never an issue.

But now, I live in a unit and my bedroom happens to share a wall with my neighbors bedroom  >:(

We can hear everything from them having sex, to throwing up after a night of drinking. To add insult to injury, they fight all the time and leave their TV on all night, every night.

My dilemma is that I can't do any drastic alterations to the walls, it is strictly probited and my landlord does random inspections of units to ensure compliance. The other issue is, we don't have a lot of spare money to invest into a solution.

Is there any material I can simply hang on the wall to reduce noise?