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Author Topic: Apartment Plexiglass Interior Window Questions  (Read 4235 times)

Kevin Keegan

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Apartment Plexiglass Interior Window Questions
« on: March 07, 2006, 08:39:57 AM »

Just found the site and thanks for the help, this is great.

I just moved into an apartment that is 5 stories up and I still get a lot of street noise through the one window in my bedroom. It is amazing but here in CA builders can get away with installing single pane windows still.

The window is aprox 46" by 70". I think the plexiglass mounted on the interior with magnetic tape is probably my best option. [url][]
I have a few questions before I try this.

1. I have about a two inch window sill, is it best to mount the plexiglass as far away from the window as possible? Am I to understand that more dead space is better for reducing sound?

A- That is correct.

2. How much reduction can be expected? I know this is a difficult question to ask. But I have seen statements around 80%.

A- It depends on several factors, such as the seal obtained around the acrylic sheet and the space available to trap dead air.  The wider the depth the better.

3. How much difference will .375 make over .25 inch thick plexiglass? It appears to be about 40% more expensive is this worth it?

A- Up to and including 3/8" get the thickest you can afford.

4. Finally are there any bad stories out there that I can avoid?

A- Perhaps buying too thin a plastic....

5. Does anyone know if the large hardware stores carry acrylic sheets this large? Or am I better off going to a plastics company?

A- The hardware stores will not have the thicker  sheet needed, 3/8" is optimal...

Thanks I really hope this works it is just enough noise to be annoying but not enough to be outrageous.


Answered by BJ Nash- Super soundproofing Co